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Professional & Reliable Documentation Remediation Services

Pdf Remediation and Document Remediation Services is the process related to converting typical digital content to content that can be easily accessed by individuals with auditory and visual disabilities. With more organizations becoming aware of reaching accessibility compliance, Arinos has been able to help make this journey more comfortable. The entire process of Pdf Remediation is comprised of 4 steps.

  • Remediation Request

    Clients can email or transfer the files that require remediation.
  • Remediation Estimate

    Arinos provides a fixed price for 100% complete compliance.
  • Remediation Approval

    Once the client accepts the quote, Arinos moves ahead with the remediation process and returns complaint documents to the client.
  • Remediation Ready!

    The accessible Pdf documents are accompanied by a compliance report.

Conquering the Art Of 100% Documentation Remediation

Our team is well versed in the different processes that are a part of document remediation services. It involves:

  • Scanning, identifying and fixing accessibility issues in documents. Reviewing and correcting the logical structure of files.
  • Checking and correcting tables as well as redesigning and tagging complex tables.
  • Reviewing and creating alternative text as per requirements. Fixing content order view to improve the use of digital content on mobile devices.
  • Reviewing, verifying and fixing script functionality. Reviewing form elements as well as address accessibility issues.
  • Testing each of the PDF documents and forms one by one with tags-aware assistive technologies.

Striving for Digital Accessibility and Inclusion through Technology

  • Document Remediation to Ease All Document Needs

    By achieving accessibility compliance, you will be able to reach a wider audience, helping your business grow at a faster pace.
  • How To Make A Word Document 508 Compliant?

    Experts at Arinos are well versed in tagging, checking and validating documents to make sure that they are 508 compliant.
  • Know In and Out about How To Create Accessible Pdf

    Most of the cases, disabled people use screen readers or other similar assistive technology to read documents and content.
  • Designing For Accessibility – Distinct & Required for

    Making your documents accessible to individuals who require assistive technology to have the document read out aloud.

Why Pick Arinos?

With the highest accuracy and high-quality accessible document through Arinos, you really don’t need to think twice. We offer plenty of advantages that make it way ahead of other companies that provide similar services:
  • Expertise in complex projects.
  • Proven technology.
  • Capability to handle high volume remediation.
  • Creates documents that satisfy W3C standards.

We handle world-class accessibility services that will help bring your organization up to date with the latest standards followed across the world.