Arinos Document Remediation Services

PDF Remediation Services in USA

Remediation become the need of the times with more people becoming aware of how essential it is for everyone, including people with different disabilities to have access to all sorts of information. Arinos has come up with strategic plans that will expand your audience to achieve complete inclusion.

Services Offered By Arinos

By achieving accessibility compliance, you will be able to reach a wider audience, helping your business grow at a faster pace. Some of the services offered by Arinos include:

  • Manage different accessibility programs.
  • Carry out testing to ensure that accessibility requirements have been implemented as per guidelines.
  • Study how to improve the accessibility of your business for people with disabilities.
  • Testing the website with tools commonly used by people with disabilities.
  • Help you get answers related to Section 508 compliance.

Get Only the Best PDF Remediation Services in USA

Every organization or business today has to deal with PDF files one way or another. Unfortunately, PDF files are not exactly accessibility compliant for people with disabilities, especially when it is loaded online. This is why organizations need to abide by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Clearly, it is easier to make sure that your PDF content is accessible by people with disabilities from the very start. However, if you have not been able to do this, Arinos is here to help you out. The team at Arinos is well versed in the best practices used to address accessibility issues as well as maintain them all the way from creation till publishing. The process will ensure that all your existing PDFs meet the accessibility guidelines.

The team at Arinos will work with your content designers and creators to make certain that accessibility is addressed though styles, templates, etc. During the initial stages to make it easier to access the documents by people with disabilities. It is significantly a lot easier to nail down accessibility from the beginning of document creation rather than trying to implement it at a later stage.

In order to make accessibility a common feature on your site, Arinos also offered training services to help your team establish checklists and policies as well as maintain the best practices.

Document Remediation to Ease All Document Needs!

The number of people with vision problems across the world has been rising significantly over the years due to an increase in exposure to screens and change of lifestyle. In USA If you want to expand your reach and keep your current audience as well, it is time to take a good long look at document remediation.

Arinos can tackle any kind of document regardless of whether it consists of images, tables, complicated graphics, and flowcharts and so on and follow a flow chart to create an accessible document. The team at Arinos is proficient in handling diverse content to create an accessible version of it to reach a wider audience. So get ready to widen your horizon today!