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How to Distribute an eBook?

Once you’ve created your eBook with us, the next question that you face is, “How to take the book to potential readers?” The eBook distribution channel is highly dynamic and growing at a rapid pace and can be quite overwhelming for an author. With the right distribution channels, your book can reach a wide audience located all over the globe.

The customisable eBook Distribution Package from Arinos:

Takes your book to the popular eBook stores like Amazon, iBooks and Barnes & Noble, as well as to dozens of other eBook retailers.

Increases visibility and exposure of your eBooks, thereby boosting sales.

Gives you an insight into the sales analytics of your book periodically.

Offers you complete control – you can choose as many sales channels as you want and also choose the geographical locations where you want to distribute your book.

Provides complete protection of your copyrighted books. We use the latest technology to transfer your eBooks encrypted to the most recent standards.

We offer you all the services listed above along with title distribution at a budget-friendly price.

Arinos – eBook Publishing Taking your books to the World’s Biggest Online Bookstores

Amazon Kindle Store

Whether you are a debutant writer or a seasoned one, the first choice for distribution of your eBooks is the Amazon store. Reasons why you must distribute your book via Amazon

Amazon’s Kindle is the world’s leading eBook reader.

You maintain the complete rights for your book.

There is no charge to upload or list your book on Amazon. However, you have to pay a percentage of the royalties, which is calculated based on the price of the book, every time you sell a book.

Apple iBooks

At Arinos, we recommend that you distribute your eBooks through Amazon and Apple, the two leading players in the eBook industry. Reasons why you must list your book on the iBooks Store

Apple iBooks has a global reach. It is currently available in over 50 countries, ensuring that your books can be distributed globally through their network.

There is no charge to upload or list your book on the iBooks Store. Apple deducts 30% of the book price and gives 70% of the sale to the author, every time a book is sold.

iBooks is a must if your books are targeted for young adults and children. It supports interactive books, embedded media and graphic intensive books like children’s story books. Surveys claim that young readers prefer to read books on their iPhones or iPads.

Nook Bookstores

eBooks sold through Nook are available on Nook Reading App on Android devices, iPhone, iPad and also on your Windows or Mac PC or laptop. Why you should ignore this platform for selling your eBook:

Get instant access to huge numbers of readers via the popular Barnes &

There is no charge to upload and publish your eBooks.

Get access to sell merchandise and other items, related to your eBooks.

Turn your eBook Distribution into a Success

Here are a few ways to ensure that your eBooks become best-sellers on popular Online Bookstores:

Professionally created eBook

Your eBook should be edited professionally to avoid typos and other formatting errors. Make sure to have a copyright page and a table of contents.

Follow the right formatting rules

Each online bookstore has varied formatting rules. Make sure to adhere to the latest formatting rules to make your eBook readable on different devices.

Create a Stunning Cover

People always judge a book by its cover. Enlist the help of professional book designers to give your eBooks a stunning design.

Write an engaging book description

Potential buyers make the decision to buy based on the book description. So make sure that it is compelling without giving away the plot.