• Become a part of the dynamic Digital Publishing industry with Arinos’ Professional eBook Conversion Services

    It is the era of digital books and thse volume of books, newspapers and magazines published digitally has increased exponentially over the past few years. Readers can now access their favourite books and authors on a wide range of platforms dedicated to eReaders, laptops, desktops and even on mobile phones. With interactivity becoming a norm rather than the exception, several books are being designed digitally from scratch. It becomes highly imperative that your books are digital thereby enabling you to reach the millions of potential readers the world has to offer.

    It is quite normal for publishers and authors stepping into the world of digital publishing to be overwhelmed with the different formats of eBooks and the conversion etiquettes. Creating a stunning eBook of exceptional quality and highest standards requires time and expertise, in short the services of a professional eBook Publishing Company.

    Here at Arinos, we offer you the full spectrum of eBook Conversion services right from cover to cover formatting, to the publishing of your book in the desired format. Our professional eBook Transformation services help publishers and independent authors create stunning eBooks that are well designed, compatible to work on a wide range of devices while sticking to our quality promise.

    Arinos is a fully-fledged Digital Publishing company, with years of experience in the digital arena. We are book people with a comprehensive knowledge of the layout, structure and format of digital books. Our exceptionally talented team of eBook converters keep abreast with the latest trends and changes in digital publishing and provide you with a professional eBook of the best standards that can be distributed globally.

    At Arinos, we understand that each book is unique, are mindful of the countless hours and immense effort behind the creation of a manuscript. This is why we do not employ generic conversion software to transform books. Instead, each book at Arinos is painstakingly converted manually and it is drafted and sculpted with utmost care and attention. This makes Arinos, the preferred choice for leading global publishers.

    EBook Transformation Services Handled at Arinos – A Brief Insight


    We offer you complete eBook Formatting Services that transform your manuscript or other input files into ePUB 3 format of excellent quality. Your books will not just look the best but also perform well on different devices. We take care of the entire eBook Production process right from presenting the content, encoding, handling HTML5, CSS 3 and editing, optimization of images and other illustrations. With Arinos, you are assured of ePUB & ePUB3 Services of exceptional quality at the lowest turn-around time.


    We offer you Fixed Layout Conversions for image intensive books that require digital transformations with layouts similar to the source manuscripts. It is mostly used for Comic Book Conversions and other Illustrated Book Conversions. We provide you with ePUB 3 Fixed Layout that is accepted by popular eReaders and we also handle other customised conversions that are suited to the requirements and structure of your book.


    Gone are the days when eBooks were considered as mere digital editions of a regular book. With improved eReaders and more books designed digitally, readers are looking for more functionality in an eBook. We epitomize this aspect in our Enhanced eBook Conversions incorporating a wide range of features like Read Aloud eBooks, embedded audio and video and adherence to HTML 5 formats.


    With Interactive eBook Conversions, we transform the simple act of reading into an experience that engages and offers a visual treat for the eyes. Convert your plain old manuscript into a sound learning experience with rich multimedia elements. Passive reading morphs into engaging and interacting learning with our expertly animated Comic Books and eBooks, textbooks and other children’s books.


    We perform Nook eBook Conversions to transform your books into the ePIB Formats for all Nook Products including Nook Page Perfect, Nook Kids and Nook Comics. Nook Fixed Layout eBook Conversion ensures that your eBooks is supported on Nook devices. With Arinos, you are assured of exceptional output with stunning design. We also ensure that your book enjoys a rich layout on the devices of the end-user.


    Our extensive knowledge and expertise offers our clients KF8, Mobi, Comics and Kindle Fire eBook Conversions that are precise, engaging and captivating. Our team of experts skilfully transform your content into Kindle eBooks of exceptional quality to provide the best eReading experience on Kindle. We take extra steps to ensure that the final product reflects the exciting functional features of the Kindle format.


    We at Arinos specialize in PDF Conversions transforming your documents into Interactive PDF, PDF eBooks and searchable PDF files. With the latest tools at our disposal and our comprehensive knowledge of these tools, we can convert any paper manuscript, image, word documents, HTML or XML files into PDF.

    Why choosing Arinos for your eBook Conversion is a Smart Choice?


    We believe that the creation of a book is not a stand-alone process and the author/publisher is an integral part of it all the way through. We work hand in hand with you throughout the creative process right from the design to publishing.


    Just like no two books are the same, we do not offer the same packages for everyone. With Arinos, you only pay for what you require and we devise customised solutions based on your requirements.


    We provide you with both the popular formats ePub and Mobi when you approach us for eBook Conversion services. We do not charge you extra, just to give you an extra format.


    We firmly believe that a book is never finished until you are satisfied with the end result. Our in-house team of proofreaders and copy-editors go line by line through your book to spot errors and make the changes. We also send the book to you for corrections and proof-checking, so that you are 100% satisfied with the end results.


    We do not believe that our job ends just with the conversion. We provide you with support right from the design of the cover art and even handle the distribution and publication of your books on popular online platforms.