What is Firma?

Firma is a balance confirmation software application available on the web.

Arinos Firma facilitates balance confirmations to your clients to be sent out in a simple email format and the same can be recorded. This application helps to keep a record on the balance amount that needs to be paid from the customer at specified periods or as required for audit confirmations. The user of the application can send an email to the client with the balance payable, in an easy way instead of calling or sending ledgers by post/courier.


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One Platform For All Your Confirmations

Firma has a very easy to use interface which will enable the audit firm to communicate to their client’s customers through web based software and also record the changes along with appropriate documents received to attest the changes on debit or credit confirmation received.

Firma Multi Industry:

This solution is applicable for any operational outlet including (but not limited to) Clearing and Forwarding agents, distributor channels and dealer network which requires balance confirmation for their financial processes.


Balance confirmations from your clients can be sent out in a simple email format and the same can be recorded. There is no hassle of sending out physical account statements and obtaining confirmations.