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Precise production planning

Always promise an accurate lead time when quoting. Improve equipment utilization and efficiency by adopting real-time reporting.


Real-time inventory overview

Prevent stock-outs. Lower the inventory levels. Automate inventory transactions; see purchase requirements, track stock lots and more


Create Multi-Level BOM

BOM is Define for Multi-Level structure for the materials involved in multiple combinations of inventory parts and inventory assemblies.


Dispatch and on-time deliveries

Attaining acceptable performance in Dispatch and deliveries of materials to improve customer satisfaction and estimate costs speed, reliability to ship promptly.

quality check

Perform Quality Checks

Set up quality testing parameters to identify issues ranging right from material selection to final product testing. Inspect, verify and test products to ensure quality conformation.

completed view

Complete view of your business

No more spreadsheets! Ensure seamless communication between Sales, Production, Warehouse, Procurement, Administration and Finance including integration.


Phlox MRP is a 100% customizable work flow and MIS software which is available as a web based application. The core objective of this application is to address the problems faced in a standard or a non standard manufacturing facility in the core production area.


The responsive design helps user to access from any converged device to carry out transaction.


Delivery time based on customization and labeling required


The app would be available in disintegrated and integrated module in cloud and in own to premise model.


Plan manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities

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Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) is a web and mobile based application software is intended to bring a whole range of business operations covering everything from Enquiry to dispatch and purchase it can also feed into customer management to provide an overview of the entire business. This offers significant benefits for management, because with accurate, up to date, information and alerts about the business it is possible to make better decisions and respond more rapidly to problems or changes in the market.

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Integrated Suite Of Solutions In A Single Application - PHLOXMRP!


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