Convert Screen Time Into Learning Time With Educational Apps and Children’s Apps

Why Book App Development?

In the present day, reading has become an active learning experience with young learners preferring robust and user-friendly applications that are engaging and interactive. Hence, arises the need to introduce interactive versions of eBooks that helps fulfill this void.

Arinos - Building E-Book and Educational Apps for Children

Apart from value addition, our apps are an enhancement to your digital content that elevates the user experience to a whole new level. Compatibility on both Android and iOS platforms is a given when it comes to apps development at Arinos.


We build elegant and performance based eBook applications for picture books, comics, children’s fairy tales, moral tales, non-linear storybooks, poetry books, cookery books etc. We offer cohesive styling and navigation, customized to suit the content. With the right strategy, design and technical competence, our apps offer security and scalability.


We present the entire content of the books in a visually appealing layout along with features like highlighting notes, vocabulary building activities, glossary access and so on.


We help engage younger users through rich, multimedia loaded apps with appealing music, video and animations. We also build apps for puzzles, games with special features like age based levels, guided narration and intuitive navigational controls.


At Arinos, we design apps that offer education via entertainment. We explore the potentials of creative multimedia and create visually engaging apps that aids knowledge-build on a wide variety of topics.


We also build cookbook Apps that have interactive features like grocery shopping list, in-built timer, step-by-step guidance and videos of recipes. Travel Book Apps with features like integrated maps, GPS guidance and so on.


To create the maximum user engagement and to make your apps stand out, our Team at Arinos can skillfully integrate specific features some of which is mentioned below.

Integration of Accelerometer

Social Media Connectivity

Illustration Demos and Simulations of Scientific experiments for textbook apps

Animations with Music and Narration for Children’s Book Apps

Appealing Video and Audio for Children’s Games and Education Apps

MCQ, Quizzes, Self Assessment and Evaluation, Infographics for Textbook Apps

Let our team of Mobile App Developers Convert your E-Books into An Interactive App Experience

We provide our clients with technical assistance required for the maintenance and upgrade of the apps. We also help get it approved and launch it on App Store of Apple, Google Play, App Store of Amazon and Windows 10.