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    Get Work Done Efficiently

    C5 gives you more elaborate information on the job trail.

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    With C5 you can COMPETE

C5 is a comprehensive web app that controls your customers and their job status easily

Consistent, Competitive, Customer centric, Cost effective app on Cloud. C5 is a web based application used to manage and monitor the resources’ time and task. This application allows the management to communicate with the customers immediately when some of their jobs get updated. Once jobs are completed, invoice can be generated and intimated to the client through the mail. This also helps the management to handle all the task reports on who worked on what, the time spent on a task and a lot more.

C5 application was developed for the organizations that bill on time and resource. The forte is in tracking each task by each employee and generating a detailed report of each activity which in turn increases the employee productivity. C5 helps in managing the task deadlines and helps in increased efficiency in work places.

Features and Benefits of C5

  • User Types & Access Control

    Control who views your tasks and projects by using public and private access control.

  • Time and Resource Management

    C5 makes it easy for you and your team to track and monitor work. you just need to plan and manage a task from beginning to end.

  • Precise workflow monitoring

    C5 gives you elaborate information on the job trail and also allow you to communicate with your customers immediately when their jobs get updated.

  • Notifications

    C5 helps you by receiving regular notification of all the new activities related to tasks, events and clients notifications which you follow or are which is assigned to you.



1. Create Users
2. Create Customers
3. Create Job
4. Assign Job
5. Complete Job
6. Generate bill