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Why Fixkrew?

The Fixkrew App from Arinos is one of the smartest solutions for leading a hassle-free life! This innovative tool, incorporating an easy-to-use & interactive interface, acts as a powerful platform to link service-seeking customers, with appropriate and trustworthy service personnel.

Is there already few household service providers?

Yes there are few household service providers in the market, but Fixkrew stands tall among all as it has high security in any transactions, user friendliness and the list goes on.

Safe and Secure Payment System!

The Handyman App facilitates both online as well as offline payments based on your convenience.

Can i place a service request without registering in your app?

While we highly recommend you register with us first, you could place a service request on our app/site without registering with us.

Our Services

The Best App in the Market

Why to go behind a service person when the problem is solved within in an user friendly environment with the most secure platform for availing the services.
Yes this is what FIXKREW is all about.

FIXKREW is an application providing various household services that we use in our day to day life.

Users can book services,avail their booked service, make payment for that services,rate the services and much more in the most secure way. The service persons booked through FIXKREW are well trained,professionally qualified and reliable in the aspects of the service they do.

Skilled Labour A Click Away!
You get skilled labour with just a click on your mobile!

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Fixkrew Amazing Features

So Easy To Start!

Simply download and install The fixkrew App, from the App store / Playstore, and sit back and relax! Log in to choose from a comprehensive list of services!

Instant Confirmation Guaranteed!

Once the client’s request has been accepted, a confirmation notification will be sent to the personnel, along with details like client’s address, date of commencement, etc.

Schedule, Track And Start!

Book and schedule the task, for a date feasible for both you and the personnel. Track the progress of the work.

Advertise Your Availability!

This separate portal for service personnel ensures an easier and smoother way of getting your details uploaded.

Book or Cancel- No Problem!

On getting the call, the service personnel enjoys the full liberty of either accepting or rejecting the request for service.

Track Your Task!

Schedule your visit to the client’s address, and commence the task. On completion, an invoice will be generated, detailing the tasks performed and the cost for the same.



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