PDF Accessibility Documents for Medicare Services

Medicare Services Organization Collaboration with Arinos for Accessible PDF Documents and Forms

Company Overview

A reputed health organization offers Medicare and Medicaid services with numerous branches in different locales over the United States


The health organization has approached one of the best Document remediation services company Arinos with a simple yet weighted query - How can your PDF Remediation services helps us in producing the section 508 compliant PDF Documents, Forms with consistent accessibility?

Health Organization Strategy

The organization has overloaded in generating the PDF documents and forms that complies with the latest updated version of section 508 as there are variations Policy rules as per the state and independent timelines for making the documents compliant.

The organization has come up with a strategy to frame the health plan and forms required by the Medicare recipients to receive the Medicare and Medicaid services that follows the general guidelines of CMS (Centre for Medicare and Medicaid services) and also satisfies the state rule.

Here the organization has noticed the importance of involvement of PDF Remediation Services Company in producing the most accessible PDF Documents and forms.


Arinos has initiated the work by associating with team members to understand the exact points to develop the health plan that satisfies general guidelines of CMS and state rules.

After acquiring the approval list of final points, we have started the Document Remediation services to generate a PDF Document and forms with the objectives of the organization health plan and constructs it with consistent accessibility, which fulfills the checklist of PDF Remediation Services of Section 508.


At last the reputed health organization has derived the perfect PDF document of health plan and forms with consistent accessibility that follows the guidelines of CMS in collaboration with PDF Remediation Services Company.

Going further, if any remediation services requires, we are here to provide the PDF Remediation Services that meets the client requirements despite of busy schedules and shorter deadlines

Deriving the absolute solution is possible with the fine collaboration.