Educational Institution and Its Web Accessibility Requisite

ADA Website for an Educational institution with promising Web Accessibility


One of the most famous educational institution (Name has hided to safeguard confidentiality) that has been presenting the courses in multiple disciplines at University and Graduation level from the long period of time. The institute has created its mark with the impeccable education standards.

The organization head has came to Arinos “To resolve the existing significant content accessibility issues and to redesign the ADA Website that achieves good extent of Web Accessibility and WCAG Compliance”.


The organization has planned to launch web trainings, e-books, guides and online trainings to share the high quality of content to the wide range of users.

Head of the Institute explicit - This is the phase where they validate the importance of web content and document accessibilityonce improved version of section 508 came into affect and requirement of remediation specialist.


Remediation service has expected to implement, to reorganize the electronic documents and web content to accommodate section 508, WCAG 2.0 & ADA Compliance to confirm the substantial web accessibility

The head of the institution has came to us after a long time with a belief that we can redesign the website fulfilling their requirements as they had a great pleasure with the earlier consortium for web design, content development and accessibility services.

We have initiated the work by performing thorough Accessibility audit on the website to

  • Assess the Web Accessibility rate
  • Figure out the sections of web pages that violates the set standards of Section 508, WCAG 2.0 and ADA guidelines
  • Document the specifications with the priority that requires remediation

Upon analyzing the audit report, our remediation specialist

  • Suggests the modifications to achieve the compliance
  • Associate with the team to derive the most effective accessibility solutions for the complicated issues


Our adept team has succeeded in redesigning the website within promised timelines and budget without compromising the quality.

The final deliverability of the project represents

  • Professional website with great web accessibility
  • The website is in compliance with section 508, WCAG 2.0 and ADA accessibility guidelines
  • Client satisfaction as a result of our professional services
  • Enhanced client trust with the perfect execution of the project