Acquiring the Product Manual Accessibility Services

Designing for Accessibility to a Corporate Organization Product Manual


A corporate organization has published its image in the corporate world and furthermore known for releasing new products often along with upgrading the functionalities of the existing products targeting the young users.

Regardless of whether it is an update or latest release, product manual commonly enacts as the significant element to understand the functionality of the same, explicitly coming to electronic products, hardware and software. Usability of the product manual is pretty essential in penetrating the products use easily to the substantial users even with disability as accessible documents supports assistive technologies and also prevents the organization from being get penalized.

Soon, the marketing head of the company has realized that their electronic document i.e product manual has not being able to engage the users because of the severe accessibility issues and posed a query “What is the possible Accessible Solution you would provide us for creating Accessible Documents?” to us.


The company has been amending the product manual every time that they have a product update or new release, however the real challenge has knocked them in the form of accessibility issues once the revised version of Section 508 came into effect and the organization has decided to go with designing for accessibility to save the company repute among the users.


We believe that absolute solution comes with the proper collaboration and discussion. Our remediation professionals have associated with the technical team writers of the organization who regularly works on product manual documents to understand the areas & potentiality of the issues.

After few rounds of discussion our remediation experts figure out the reasons and comes up with the accessible solutions and initiated the process as follows

  • Communicated the determined solution to the technical team and has gathered the opinion
  • Made the modifications as recommended and acquired the acceptance
  • Performed document remediation services for the product manual
  • Takes care of every element that ensures the document Section 508 Compliant


What so ever the challenges, difficulties hits us, we got succeeded indelivering the product manual files on time with creating the accessible solutions that enhances the trust of Arinos services of designing for accessibility among the client.

Arinos principle objective is client satisfaction with result-oriented work even with short deadlines.

Here is the final result acquired with the help of our experts

  • Client satisfaction with ensuring them their user trust
  • Product manual that satisfies Section 508 Compliance with enhanced usability and functionality with ease.