Arinos Digital Accessibility Services

Striving for Web Accessibility & Inclusion through Technology

Inclusion of digital content is fast becoming a necessity for businesses throughout the globe. At Arinos, we understand that digital accessibility services go far beyond just digital assets in the present day. For us, it is about distilling functionality and building thoughtful interactions that best suit the needs of a wider audience. In the digital parlance, it is about creating consistent user experiences that begin by building digital assets that are a happy marriage of modern design and accessibility without compromising either.

Why Arinos is one of the Best Digital Accessibility Vendors Companies

At Arinos, we take pride in our continuous & consistent learning and support for offering accessibility for disabled in the digital stream. Hence, we have always been adhering to industry specifications (Section 508 compliance) and standards to guide us through the process that makes digital content the most beneficial to the end user. As digital accessibility specialists, we make digital content accessible through different content types.

ePUB Accessibility Services

At Arinos, we address the specific accessibility requirements that require attention and yet are beyond the work process of the publisher. Our aim is to develop the arsenal required for publishers so that they can create digital books that can be read by anyone regardless of their visual limitations. To facilitate the same, we ensure that the document is in logical reading order, has the appropriate tagging tables, semantic structuring, and accessible Metadata. We focus on major touch points such as data quality and its derived meaning, navigational capabilities, etc. with add-on functionalities such as media overlays (text and audio syncs) and improvised synthetic speech.

PDF Accessibility Services

Since PDF files were not initially designed for digital content, it poses an accessibility challenge in the present scene with businesses using PDFs for inter & intra company communication. At Arinos, we help you overcome the accessibility challenge. With as many as 20% of the global audience on the internet being visually challenged, we understand the importance of making your digital content visible in the online space, ensuring that you do not lose your credibility. Our well thought out process guides adaptive technologies through the correct order of the document and its form, helping to express the information the way the author intended it to be.

Section 508 Compliance & Web Accessibility Services

Being experts in web accessibility consulting, we ensure that accessibility is done right and facilitates faster adoption of newer technologies. We believe that web accessibility is more than just providing text descriptions, color contrasts, and keyboard accessible content. We analyze and understand what we need to work on first, what changes will make the biggest impact with your audiences and make that our focal point making accessibility Tools. We then commence our job of making your website, web application, mobile applications and documents accessible for all. We also ensure that your digital presence meets Section 508 standards. We help you fix it if you are not Section 508 compliant yet. If you want to make your mobile app, product or document content accessible and are not sure where to begin, you can start by connecting with us!

Digital Accessibility Testing through Accessibility Tools

At Arinos, We use industry specified tools for accessibility apart from conducting regular research looking out for new tools and techniques to help reach widespread audiences. Over Screen reader, Text reader, Voice commands, Keyboard navigation, Smart navigation, Blinks blocking, Color adjustment, Additional Functions on helping people with disabilities to access digital information. Our cutting-edge technology meets the compliance laws and regulations of Section 508, guided by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).