Accessibility Remediation Simplified!

Simplifying Remediation For PDF And Other Formats

Are you on the lookout for finding ways to make your documents accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities? Well, look no more! We are here with the best solution for you- Accessibility remediation for PDF, Word, Excel, and what not!

Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges faced by owners of websites is to make their documents easily accessible. The documents can be anything that ranges from annual reports, flyers, user manuals, brochures, product specifications, or white papers. All these documents need to be accessible for every single person out there, and that obviously includes people with disabilities too.

Also, if you are providing documents on your website in the form of Word, PDF, PowerPoint files and Excel files, then also you need to ensure that these documents are accessible for one and all.

Arinos- Taking A Step Forward To Accessibility Remediation

We at Arinos believes in creating accessible documents that can make information accessible to every person, including those with disabilities. We can help you to ensure that all your PowerPoint or Word presentations are accessible. Even the PDF documents can be made accessible by making use of professional PDF remediation techniques like PDF/UA and WCAG 2.0

Simple, Quick And Accessible – Remediation Techniques At Arinos!

Our accessibility remediation services are not only simple but easy on the pricing part too! You can take a quick glance at the pricing list in accordance with your file, and you get a clear idea! You can also make use of a pricing calculator to get an estimate.

We are never going to ask you queries like:

  • Are your documents complex, very complex, or simple?
  • Will your documents contain images? If yes, how many?
  • Does your document have tables in it? If yes, how many?

No! We don’t ask these! Instead, we take it up and make it accessible for you, no matter what its contents are! That is the simplicity we pride ourselves in!

Accessibility Remediation Simplified!
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